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Great Youtube Comment!

Posted: June 5, 2013 in Off-Topic
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Great Youtube Comment!

Wanted to share this awesome comment I just received on a youtube video I put up a few years ago of me performing “Wagon Wheel” by New River Gorge in West Virginia.

“my husband david ran across this video on youtube..and we live in GA but im from Beckley, anyway..after watching this video we found the Longpoint trail and hiked it…all bc of this video. it was amazing and ill [be] hiking it again…and again”


Anna Maria Island Music!

Hey everybody! Check out the awesome little music scene happening up on Anna Maria Island! Myself and a bunch of other local acts having been jamming up there as of late (Come Back Alice, Kettle of Fish, etc), and there’s a lot to see. I’ve got 3 shows scheduled up there now, March 15 7-10pm at The Blue Marlin with my trio (James Dabone on horns and Cort Farris on Drums and Pan), and also March 22nd and April 12th at Dcoy Ducks with my full band (add Garrett Dawson on World Percussion, Matt Frost on Keys and tons more surprise guests!). Every show I’ve played up there so far has been a blast; a really responsive audience and a ton of fun. Come join in!

Also want to give a shout out to AMI Radio for their tireless support of independent musicians. They had me on for an on-air interview / performance a few weeks ago and I had a lot of fun meeting them and chatting with such positive, music loving people. Please support them by checking out their website, podcasts and AM Radio broadcast when you’re on island. Listen to my interview here: (interview)


Featured on Internet Radio

Posted: September 5, 2012 in On-Topic
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Hello music-eaters. A west-coast podcast will be featuring my tune “Let’s Get Alone” today at 3pm PST. Tune in online here: Amber Show


1) Someone makes something amazing and funny.

2) Hundreds of people make rip offs that are progressively less funny.

3) Eventually everyone hates the meme, than someone makes an ironic, self referential version of the meme.

It’s the great circle of life on the internet.



Sarasota’s premier newspaper periodically features locale musicians in their arts publication / website “The Ticket”, and they’ve featured yours-truly this week. Journalist Dawn Scire does a bang-on job describing my sound in all its permutations and combinations, and I might just have to steal some of her phrases when describing my music in the future. Rock on for supporting live, local music!

“Nor does his music fit into any common category: one minute he’s singer-songwriter smooth, the next breaking into rap-jazzy scats, skillfully co-merging genres within songs.” Herald-Tribune – Jan, 2012

Read the whole article at


Posted: December 13, 2011 in Off-Topic
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AHHH! tUnE-yArDs!!! This album w h o k i l l is SO good. And WTF she has played with ?uestlove and Black Thought?!?! This tune is killer, click to watch her performing “Gangsta” with the Roots live on Jimmy Fallon. She is the lead singer of Sister Suvi as well, whose drummer Nico Dann you just might recognize from my 2008 release “[Reasonably] Honest”. Is it weird that right now I’m more excited to be 2 degrees from Merrill than I am 3 degrees from the Roots?

Stop SOPA – This is out of control

Posted: November 18, 2011 in Off-Topic
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As a copyright holder myself, I fully understand the need and economic necessity of reducing piracy. The bill currently before congress referred to as “SOPA” is absolutely NOT the way to accomplish this, and would in fact charge me and anyone else who has ever posted footage of themselves singing a popular song online with A FELONY. Make no mistake, this bill is not about providing money due to the artists that create. This is about greed, and a fundamental misunderstanding of how the internet and Art has evolved.

PS: If you visited my site BENHAMMONDMUSIC.COM you were greeted with a censorship pop-up, as a reminder that this bill would alter the internet in many unforeseen ways. (Screenshot below)