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Posted: December 13, 2011 in Off-Topic
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AHHH! tUnE-yArDs!!! This album w h o k i l l is SO good. And WTF she has played with ?uestlove and Black Thought?!?! This tune is killer, click to watch her performing “Gangsta” with the Roots live on Jimmy Fallon. She is the lead singer of Sister Suvi as well, whose drummer Nico Dann you just might recognize from my 2008 release “[Reasonably] Honest”. Is it weird that right now I’m more excited to be 2 degrees from Merrill than I am 3 degrees from the Roots?


In May of 2010 I ventured up to Maine for a week to record a live solo show at the unbelievably gorgeous Stone Mt Arts Center in Brownfield which has hosted concerts from such greats as Bela Fleck, Martin Sexton, Ritchie Havens, the list goes on and on… The night before my big gig I was lucky enough to sneak onto NBC Channel 6’s “207” for a song as well. Here are some clips from that trip. Filmed on my Iphone (except for the 207 footage which can be seen in full quality here:… )