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PLEASE CONFIRM BEFORE GOING! Some of these listings may be outdated and are constantly changing.




  • Pastry Art Cafe – Open Mic, 7-10pm. (info)




Why I Put Together This List:

Sarasota, FL is a really great city for music, especially considering it’s relatively small size. I have so many friends that are making a living playing music in a way that is simply not possible in other parts of the country. Yes, there are huge problems with the city’s and county’s noise ordinances. Yes, the bigger established clubs can be a little “covers” oriented. However, people like the project are making big progress on both these accounts, and every year I return to find a new crop of incredible musicians moving into town or making their way onto the circuit. I’ve been extremely lucky to take over as host at the long-running SKOB Open Mic.


It has been an incredible way for me personally to network, shed new tunes, ‘audition’ new potential players, and test my skills as a bandleader. More importantly, it functions as a type of an incubator for musicians, combining new players to town, older players looking to get back into it, guitarists who don’t sing with singers who don’t play, etc. I have been honored to help guide this process as both an observer and a participant.

In this spirit, I have compiled the above list of Open Mics and Open Jams in Sarasota, in the hopes of encouraging developing musicians, budding songwriters, traveling professionals form out of town, and established players seeking the final piece of their band ‘puzzle’. Whether you’re a pro with a night off, an amateur seeking improvement from an encouraging audience, or a music lover who understands the “next big thing” is probably actually tuning his guitar in your local bar down the street, come out and support local music at some of these events and let’s keep this one big awesome happy musical family.

Much love! Come say hi on Tuesday!




1) Someone makes something amazing and funny.

2) Hundreds of people make rip offs that are progressively less funny.

3) Eventually everyone hates the meme, than someone makes an ironic, self referential version of the meme.

It’s the great circle of life on the internet.


Stop SOPA – This is out of control

Posted: November 18, 2011 in Off-Topic
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As a copyright holder myself, I fully understand the need and economic necessity of reducing piracy. The bill currently before congress referred to as “SOPA” is absolutely NOT the way to accomplish this, and would in fact charge me and anyone else who has ever posted footage of themselves singing a popular song online with A FELONY. Make no mistake, this bill is not about providing money due to the artists that create. This is about greed, and a fundamental misunderstanding of how the internet and Art has evolved.

PS: If you visited my site BENHAMMONDMUSIC.COM you were greeted with a censorship pop-up, as a reminder that this bill would alter the internet in many unforeseen ways. (Screenshot below)


Ben Hammond on WMNF 88.5FM. Photo by Kristen Rouse.

Host RJ Oreskovich invited me to drop by the studio and chat with him for an hour on his show “Center Stage”, of course bringing along the acoustic guitar and jamming out on a couple of tunes from both “[Reasonably] Honest” and my new disc “Solo at Stone Mt Arts Center”. We discuss the role of cover songs in rock music, life on the Suncoast, the writing process, winning a John Lennon Songwriting Award and more. You can tune in with Itunes, Windows Media Player or the streaming player of your choice: .m3u




RJ on WMNF 88.5FM "Center Stage". Photo by Kristen Rouse.

While studying Music Technology at McGill University I wrote a paper on the the acoustics of the Didgeridoo. There are a few errors and minor technical flubs, but overall a paper I am quite proud of. Since migrating my old website some of my content has been lost, so I reposting this here on the blog. Enjoy!

“Physics of Dreamtime” featured on the website.

“Due to the inherent irregularities and inconsistencies of almost every step of the construction, each didge is completely unique. Not only does the timbre of the instrument differ, but also the fundamental pitch of the instrument will differ even by a difference of an octave between instruments (lengths being anywhere from 1 to 2 meters). However, at its most basic level, it is a relatively close model to simply refer to the didge as an open-closed pipe…” (READ MORE)