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This is totally rad; my friend and fellow Effusion Alum Jason Levine just posted this on his wall. In a nutshell: he beatboxs / throatsings while a computer offstage (which I am quite sure he would have programmed using MAX/MSP/JITTER) analyzes his vocalizations and projects lights in corresponding colors and intensities. Meanwhile, the system also temporarily captures digital sketches and fragments of his silhouette and the light show on a wall sized projection screen behind him. Nice work Jason.


In updating the website for JoJoe, a Montreal-based Reggae Artist, I was having some trouble with the site displaying improperly in Internet Explorer (on Windows which I don’t have access to). It looked fine on my mac, but the band said on their PC it was all messed up after I had experienced and thought I’d fixed an uploading error. A little googling brought me to Netrenderer, a really great tool that lets you select which version of IE you want to render a site in, feed it the URL, then view an auto-generated snapshot of the site. Really helpful to test your site if you’re designing on a Mac or Linux machine.

BTW: Jojoe has released a new album, and have some big shows coming up if you’re in the Montreal area or into reggae.

I am so sick of having the word “Cort” (a fine drummer and steel pannist with whom I play and contact via email and SMS frequently) auto-replaced with “Cory”. That is just the most common of many, many iphone “fixes” that annoy me almost daily. To some extent the Iphone seems to learn new words, but many fall through the cracks, forcing me to hit the little “x” and get rid of their suggestion. Well, finally a solution (albeit a somewhat strange one):

View the whole thing here.

But basically it’s this:

“go to Settings and click on the General tab. General > Keyboards > International Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Select Japanese Ten Key. Then go back to General > Keyboards > Edit User Dictionary where you can add unusual words and shortforms that will be recognized in any language.”

Cool huh?