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Recorded for the most recent edition of Sarasota Day and the HuB‘s Stairwell Sessions. Featuring me on guitar, vocals and upright bass, and John Patti on percussion and steel pan. Thanks to Julie Brown, Scotty Felsenfield, and everyone else who helped put this together.

If you want to purchase the studio version of this song from my new album of the same name, you can grab it on iTunes and CDBaby.


Some nice ink from the Ticket / Sarasota Herald Tribune for a gig I played last week with Human Condition, one of the nicest bands in town.

“‘Original Music Showcase’ featuring some of Florida’s most accomplished talent. The lineup includes beat-boxing, loop-pedaling, soul-drenching Sarasota songwriter Ben Hammond who, along with HC frontman Dean Johaneson, just rocked out the C&B last weekend as part of the Noise Ordinance 3 CD Release Party.”


Sarasota’s premier newspaper periodically features locale musicians in their arts publication / website “The Ticket”, and they’ve featured yours-truly this week. Journalist Dawn Scire does a bang-on job describing my sound in all its permutations and combinations, and I might just have to steal some of her phrases when describing my music in the future. Rock on for supporting live, local music!

“Nor does his music fit into any common category: one minute he’s singer-songwriter smooth, the next breaking into rap-jazzy scats, skillfully co-merging genres within songs.” Herald-Tribune – Jan, 2012

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Mp3 downloads (like from Itunes) are great, but sometimes having physical product is nice, especially when that product includes a professionally produced LIVE BONUS DVD! If you are in Maine, New Hampshire or Florida there are some stores where you can pick it up (and of course it’s available at all live shows and for mail order from my website and CDBaby)


Bull Moose Music – 456 Payne Road, Scarborough, ME (207) 885-9553 ‎

Bull Moose Music – 151 Middle Street, Portland, ME (207) 780-6424


The Met Coffehouse – 2680 South Main Street, North Conway, NH (603) 356-2332 ‎


Captain Curt’s Gift Shop – 1200 Old Stickney Point Road, Siesta Key, Sarasota, FL (941) 349-3885

Great news! I have been accepted as one out of 119 local Sarasota submissions to be on the second edition of the Noise Ordinance CD. Spanning everything from Folk to Jazz to Indie Art-Noise, this CD catalogs Sarasota’s burgeoning original music scene. I am honored to be chosen, and look forward to playing the festival again this year on April 23rd. From Tim Sukits article in the Herald Tribune Ticket CL: “it’s… time to celebrate the second coming of our own homegrown independent music showcase, and marvel at how far we’ve collectively evolved as an impressive, tightly knit, collaborative music community over the past year. As preparations for the unveiling of Noise 2 get underway, we hope to see all members of the area scene joining forces and working together to finally give Suncoast music the notoriety that it so deserves.” READ FULL ARTICLE

I’m very excited to share the stage and the CD with the other bands accepted this year:

Amazon Woman
Big Blu House
Brockford Lee
Bud Buckley
Cats in the Basement
Completely From Mountains
Devil Made Microphones
Dune Train

Elysian Sex Drive
Fancy Rat
John Lichtenstein
Justin Layman
Kenra Whyte
Lion Choir
Radio-Free Carmela & The Transmitters
Rational Anthem
Scone Train
Secret Science

Shoebox Monsters
Sons of Hippies
The Equines
The Florida Mountain Boys
The Hobies
The Human Condition
The Jetties
The Once and Future Kings
The Psychotropic Band
Third Society
Tim Salem
To Sleep, To Dream
Traphik 3:16
Villanova Junction

Aimsel Ponti just penned a great review of my recently released Live CD/DVD – “Solo at Stone Mt Arts Center” in Maine’s biggest newspaper, the Portland Press Herald. Those of you who read the paper regularly probably already know of Aimsel as a die-hard music fan and a huge supporter of the local independent scene. I was honored she was interested in reviewing my record, and now that it’s out I could not be more pleased with the results. Here are a couple quotes:

“”When I’m Supposed To” shows off his talent as a human beatbox along with his magic pedal that loops in layers of his vocals. The other instrument you’ll hear on “Live” is Hammond’s acoustic guitar, but don’t think for a second this is a standard-issue singer-songwriter deal. Hammond’s far from it, and he’s cut from soul-pop cloth, a fabric that includes rock, folk and even jazz sensibilities…”

“”Wintergreens” is an instrumental track on the “Live” CD, and it’s a stirring piece of acoustic guitar. My only criticism is that it’s too short at just more than two minutes. All was forgiven when I heard Hammond’s terrific cover of Flight of the Conchord’s “Most Beautiful Girl.””

“Hammond is a versatile musician who writes memorable originals, delivers when he decides to cover someone, and uses his guitar, voice and gadgets to create a sound that you want to keep hearing.”

To read the whole article, please visit

Purchase this album on Itunes. Download a select few mp3s for free from

Video from the DVD:

As most of you are fully aware I just released my first Live CD/DVD “Solo at Stone Mt Arts Center” which I had manufactured by Discmakers. I used them for my last release as well, “[Reasonably] Honest”, and just as with last time I was extremely pleased with the results. Quick turn-around, pleasant staff, lots of options, and a quality product. The only bummer was that the seam of the shrink-wrapping ended up directly over my cool QR barcode on the back of the disc case, making it far less usable. However, I didn’t notice this until recently, and it wasn’t worth complaining as it was a very small mistake.

Anyways, as a bonus for having them replicate your disc they have teamed up with TAXI, a company dedicated to helping independent artists obtain “record, publishing and TV/film deals”. TAXI is quite an expensive service, and I haven’t decided to sign up with them yet, but I appreciate full-well the value of their service and it is definitely something on my radar. This is the second time, via Discmakers, that they have provided me with a free sample feedback form on one of my songs. I am very pleased with their critique of “Worst Kind of Perfect”; appreciate the compliments and agree with the suggestions. Here is a quote below:

“Ben, what immediately stands out if your formidable talent and musical skills. The playing is tasty throughout, and your vocals are delivered with lots of soul. Great job taking advantage of your wide range and improvising abilities! The chord progression has some sophisticated changes. The melodies feel good, though as noted you might have shifted to a higher range to add to the contrast of the chorus. Lyrically, you’ve got some colorful imagery. Also, you express an easily relatable idea with a fresh angle. It does seem a touch confusing that she “fits perfectly with me”, but then “but not quite”. Could maybe use a bit more clarity. Overall, impressive work here! You sound like you’ve got music in your blood. Thanks for checking in with TAXI, and best of luck with the CD!!!”.

I have to say, great idea with raising the range for the chorus to add contrast to that section, I think I’ll play around with that. Regarding the lyric suggestion, I think that might be a great example of me initially writing one lyric on paper “she’d fit perfectly, but not with me not quite yet”, and over time losing track of some of the tenses and pronouns, eventually morphing into “she fits perfectly but not with me not quite yet”. The original line “she’d fit” still might be a tad confusing, but definitely clearer than what got recorded… agree?