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Sarasota’s premier newspaper periodically features locale musicians in their arts publication / website “The Ticket”, and they’ve featured yours-truly this week. Journalist Dawn Scire does a bang-on job describing my sound in all its permutations and combinations, and I might just have to steal some of her phrases when describing my music in the future. Rock on for supporting live, local music!

“Nor does his music fit into any common category: one minute he’s singer-songwriter smooth, the next breaking into rap-jazzy scats, skillfully co-merging genres within songs.” Herald-Tribune – Jan, 2012

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Friend and fellow McGill / Effusion Alum Jon Day continues to simultaneously inspire and infuriate me with his boundless talent. Check out this live video and buy all of his discs, they will be some of the best music you’ve ever owned.

This is totally rad; my friend and fellow Effusion Alum Jason Levine just posted this on his wall. In a nutshell: he beatboxs / throatsings while a computer offstage (which I am quite sure he would have programmed using MAX/MSP/JITTER) analyzes his vocalizations and projects lights in corresponding colors and intensities. Meanwhile, the system also temporarily captures digital sketches and fragments of his silhouette and the light show on a wall sized projection screen behind him. Nice work Jason.

In updating the website for JoJoe, a Montreal-based Reggae Artist, I was having some trouble with the site displaying improperly in Internet Explorer (on Windows which I don’t have access to). It looked fine on my mac, but the band said on their PC it was all messed up after I had experienced and thought I’d fixed an uploading error. A little googling brought me to Netrenderer, a really great tool that lets you select which version of IE you want to render a site in, feed it the URL, then view an auto-generated snapshot of the site. Really helpful to test your site if you’re designing on a Mac or Linux machine.

BTW: Jojoe has released a new album, and have some big shows coming up if you’re in the Montreal area or into reggae.

While studying Music Technology at McGill University I wrote a paper on the the acoustics of the Didgeridoo. There are a few errors and minor technical flubs, but overall a paper I am quite proud of. Since migrating my old website some of my content has been lost, so I reposting this here on the blog. Enjoy!

“Physics of Dreamtime” featured on the website.

“Due to the inherent irregularities and inconsistencies of almost every step of the construction, each didge is completely unique. Not only does the timbre of the instrument differ, but also the fundamental pitch of the instrument will differ even by a difference of an octave between instruments (lengths being anywhere from 1 to 2 meters). However, at its most basic level, it is a relatively close model to simply refer to the didge as an open-closed pipe…” (READ MORE)



Check out this sweet video from my friend and fellow Effusion A Cappella Alum Akua Carson. Not only is it a catchy tune with a cool quirky video, it also features shots of the coolest city in North America: Montreal. I miss you guys up there! Great job on the song Akua! Rumo(u)rs have it that an Akua E.P. will be out sometime next year…

Friend / Fellow A Cappella Beatbox / Computer Junky / McGill Alum Shane Saunderson is riding his bike across a good chunk of Canada to raise money and awareness for a rare form of cancer, check out the website and please consider joining me in donating!

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