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My good friend and incredible steel pan artist John Patti featured me at his most recent “Calyp-soul Christmas” concerts at the Player’s Theater in Sarasota and also the Bonita Springs Center for the Performing Arts. We debuted this duet version of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” mashed up with “Carol of the Bells” featuring John on the darker double second steel drums and myself on upright bass and beatboxing. Filming was done by Charlie Woods and Andres Colin, and I got to play around with my new copy of Final Cut Pro to do the editing. I hope you enjoy and have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Ben Hammond: Vocals, Vocal Percussion, Guitar/Octaver, Live-Looping, Songwriting
Sandi Grecco: Drumset

April 2nd, 2013 performance of Ben’s original tune “Hipster Juliet”, featuring a mini verse from Skee-Lo’s “I Wish”. All elements of this performance are played and looped live with no pre-recorded tracks or samples.

Ben is playing a Taylor T5 through a Boss OC-3 Octaver Pedal and a Boomerang III Loop Station.

“Doin’ Time” into a bit of “Neighborhood” by Dirty Heads

Ben Hammond hosting the SKOB Open Mic with Tommy Rox on Lead Guitar, Sandi Grecco from the Drum Studio and Matt Gerhardt of Undertow.


Sarasota’s premier newspaper periodically features locale musicians in their arts publication / website “The Ticket”, and they’ve featured yours-truly this week. Journalist Dawn Scire does a bang-on job describing my sound in all its permutations and combinations, and I might just have to steal some of her phrases when describing my music in the future. Rock on for supporting live, local music!

“Nor does his music fit into any common category: one minute he’s singer-songwriter smooth, the next breaking into rap-jazzy scats, skillfully co-merging genres within songs.” Herald-Tribune – Jan, 2012

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Ben Hammond Band Live at the Beach Club, Siesta Key, FL.

Ben – Guitar, Vocals, Loop Pedal.
Garrett Dawson – Percussion.
Danny Berglund – Drums.
Cort Farris – Synths.
Dan Brock – Bass.
Derek “Diamond D” Decesare on Video.


Footage from the Inlet on the Jersey Shore, featuring Cort Farris on steel pan and drumset. This tune is a cover medley put together by Sublime from their album “40 oz to Freedom”. I am using an OC-3 Octave Pedal for the Bass, and also a Boomerang Loop Station to live loop myself (vocal percussion).

This 4th of July saw Ben Hammond touring across the US, and Ben and Kristen were lucky enough to score an invite to a pool party in Indiana. Patriotic bikinis, mimosas and roof jumping hilarity ensued. The most fitting sing-along jam seemed to definitely be “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” by Tom Petty, given the Florida / Indiana connection. Filmed on a Canon d12 Powershot Water/Shock Proof Camera.

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Appearing solo at the 2010 Carmelfest in Carmel Indiana, Ben Hammond performs a solo set with T5 Acoustic / Electric Guitar and the OC-3 Boss Octave Pedal (along with a healthy dose of beatboxing). Here’s your anti-way medley for the day.