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Aimsel Ponti just penned a great review of my recently released Live CD/DVD – “Solo at Stone Mt Arts Center” in Maine’s biggest newspaper, the Portland Press Herald. Those of you who read the paper regularly probably already know of Aimsel as a die-hard music fan and a huge supporter of the local independent scene. I was honored she was interested in reviewing my record, and now that it’s out I could not be more pleased with the results. Here are a couple quotes:

“”When I’m Supposed To” shows off his talent as a human beatbox along with his magic pedal that loops in layers of his vocals. The other instrument you’ll hear on “Live” is Hammond’s acoustic guitar, but don’t think for a second this is a standard-issue singer-songwriter deal. Hammond’s far from it, and he’s cut from soul-pop cloth, a fabric that includes rock, folk and even jazz sensibilities…”

“”Wintergreens” is an instrumental track on the “Live” CD, and it’s a stirring piece of acoustic guitar. My only criticism is that it’s too short at just more than two minutes. All was forgiven when I heard Hammond’s terrific cover of Flight of the Conchord’s “Most Beautiful Girl.””

“Hammond is a versatile musician who writes memorable originals, delivers when he decides to cover someone, and uses his guitar, voice and gadgets to create a sound that you want to keep hearing.”

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Video from the DVD:


As most of you are fully aware I just released my first Live CD/DVD “Solo at Stone Mt Arts Center” which I had manufactured by Discmakers. I used them for my last release as well, “[Reasonably] Honest”, and just as with last time I was extremely pleased with the results. Quick turn-around, pleasant staff, lots of options, and a quality product. The only bummer was that the seam of the shrink-wrapping ended up directly over my cool QR barcode on the back of the disc case, making it far less usable. However, I didn’t notice this until recently, and it wasn’t worth complaining as it was a very small mistake.

Anyways, as a bonus for having them replicate your disc they have teamed up with TAXI, a company dedicated to helping independent artists obtain “record, publishing and TV/film deals”. TAXI is quite an expensive service, and I haven’t decided to sign up with them yet, but I appreciate full-well the value of their service and it is definitely something on my radar. This is the second time, via Discmakers, that they have provided me with a free sample feedback form on one of my songs. I am very pleased with their critique of “Worst Kind of Perfect”; appreciate the compliments and agree with the suggestions. Here is a quote below:

“Ben, what immediately stands out if your formidable talent and musical skills. The playing is tasty throughout, and your vocals are delivered with lots of soul. Great job taking advantage of your wide range and improvising abilities! The chord progression has some sophisticated changes. The melodies feel good, though as noted you might have shifted to a higher range to add to the contrast of the chorus. Lyrically, you’ve got some colorful imagery. Also, you express an easily relatable idea with a fresh angle. It does seem a touch confusing that she “fits perfectly with me”, but then “but not quite”. Could maybe use a bit more clarity. Overall, impressive work here! You sound like you’ve got music in your blood. Thanks for checking in with TAXI, and best of luck with the CD!!!”.

I have to say, great idea with raising the range for the chorus to add contrast to that section, I think I’ll play around with that. Regarding the lyric suggestion, I think that might be a great example of me initially writing one lyric on paper “she’d fit perfectly, but not with me not quite yet”, and over time losing track of some of the tenses and pronouns, eventually morphing into “she fits perfectly but not with me not quite yet”. The original line “she’d fit” still might be a tad confusing, but definitely clearer than what got recorded… agree?

I have been singing the praises (literally) of Martin Sexton for a while now, and here is just a bit more. His new album “Sugarcoating” is out, and there is a tune on there called “Boom Sh-Boom” that is funky and awesome.

UPDATE: Here is a video clip of me performing this tune at a recent concert:

No one that I have seen online has transcribed it yet, so here it is with lyrics and basic chord structure.

boom-sh-boom.odt (Open Office Document)

boom-sh-boom.pdf (Adobe PDF)

If you are diggin’ his tunes then you can check out my other chord chart I made for his tune “Diggin’ Me Diggin’ You”.

Thanks to friends of mine with awesome tastes in music, I have been recently introduced to Martin Sexton. If you don’t know him already and you’re reading my blog you will probably love him. He is exactly what I’d like to aspire to someday (maybe not quite so much the Jack Black lookalike, although that’s cool too). But a troubadour with an amazing voice, unique guitar style, and extremely well-crafted songs singing to rooms full of music lovers. That’s sounds awesome.

I have transcribed one of his jazzy tunes that I couldn’t find already charted out online, pretty simple little jazz tune but so much in those simple changes. He’s playing it in a different key on this Youtube clip, but he does it in E on the album version. Enjoy! ‘Diggin Me’ via Google Docs

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