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Very excited to be holding my official CD Release Concert at the amazing Stone Mountain Arts Center in Brownfield, Maine, a breathtaking venue which has hosted some of my favorite musicians in the world (Ani DiFranco, Martin Sexton, Bela Fleck, so many more!). I will be performing on Sunday, January 18th, 2015 (MLK Weekend), and will be joined by special guests Kelly Muse on Piano and Bass, Andy Robbins on Drums, and Candie Tremblay and Lindsay Brie on Vocals. You can reserve tickets and pre-show dinner on the SMAC website for 20$.

Flyer - Ben Hammond at Stone Mt Jan 18, 2014

Official Flyer

Please share this link with your friends and I hope to see you at the show!


Ben Hammond: Vocals, Vocal Percussion, Guitar/Octaver, Live-Looping.

April 2nd, 2013 performance of Radiohead’s epic song “Paranoid Android”. All elements of this performance are played and looped live with no pre-recorded tracks or samples.

Ben is playing a Taylor T5 through a Boss OC-3 Octaver Pedal and a Boomerang III Loop Station.

Ben Hammond: Vocals, Vocal Percussion, Guitar/Octaver, Live-Looping, Songwriting
Sandi Grecco: Drumset

April 2nd, 2013 performance of Ben’s original tune “Hipster Juliet”, featuring a mini verse from Skee-Lo’s “I Wish”. All elements of this performance are played and looped live with no pre-recorded tracks or samples.

Ben is playing a Taylor T5 through a Boss OC-3 Octaver Pedal and a Boomerang III Loop Station.

Article in “Siesta Sand” by Mike Sales

Good friend and local musician Mike Sales just published an article in the Siesta Sand publication interviewing me with a focus on my role as host of the SKOB Open Mic Jam, which I host every Tuesday night from 7-11pm. Take a read through, it’s so great to have people like Mike propping up the local music scene!


Also, speaking of local music scene, I was extremely fortunate tonight to play at the famous Skipper’s Smokehouse with Sandi Grecco on drums and my loop pedals. Here is the setlist as best as I can remember:

  1. Friction (solo)
  2. Touch
  3. Except for You
  4. When I’m Supposed To
  5. The Collector
  6. Worst Kind of Perfect
  7. Paranoid Android Radiohead Cover (solo)
  8. Hipster Juliet

Anna Maria Island Music!

Hey everybody! Check out the awesome little music scene happening up on Anna Maria Island! Myself and a bunch of other local acts having been jamming up there as of late (Come Back Alice, Kettle of Fish, etc), and there’s a lot to see. I’ve got 3 shows scheduled up there now, March 15 7-10pm at The Blue Marlin with my trio (James Dabone on horns and Cort Farris on Drums and Pan), and also March 22nd and April 12th at Dcoy Ducks with my full band (add Garrett Dawson on World Percussion, Matt Frost on Keys and tons more surprise guests!). Every show I’ve played up there so far has been a blast; a really responsive audience and a ton of fun. Come join in!

Also want to give a shout out to AMI Radio for their tireless support of independent musicians. They had me on for an on-air interview / performance a few weeks ago and I had a lot of fun meeting them and chatting with such positive, music loving people. Please support them by checking out their website, podcasts and AM Radio broadcast when you’re on island. Listen to my interview here: (interview)


PLEASE CONFIRM BEFORE GOING! Some of these listings may be outdated and are constantly changing.




  • Pastry Art Cafe – Open Mic, 7-10pm. (info)




Why I Put Together This List:

Sarasota, FL is a really great city for music, especially considering it’s relatively small size. I have so many friends that are making a living playing music in a way that is simply not possible in other parts of the country. Yes, there are huge problems with the city’s and county’s noise ordinances. Yes, the bigger established clubs can be a little “covers” oriented. However, people like the project are making big progress on both these accounts, and every year I return to find a new crop of incredible musicians moving into town or making their way onto the circuit. I’ve been extremely lucky to take over as host at the long-running SKOB Open Mic.


It has been an incredible way for me personally to network, shed new tunes, ‘audition’ new potential players, and test my skills as a bandleader. More importantly, it functions as a type of an incubator for musicians, combining new players to town, older players looking to get back into it, guitarists who don’t sing with singers who don’t play, etc. I have been honored to help guide this process as both an observer and a participant.

In this spirit, I have compiled the above list of Open Mics and Open Jams in Sarasota, in the hopes of encouraging developing musicians, budding songwriters, traveling professionals form out of town, and established players seeking the final piece of their band ‘puzzle’. Whether you’re a pro with a night off, an amateur seeking improvement from an encouraging audience, or a music lover who understands the “next big thing” is probably actually tuning his guitar in your local bar down the street, come out and support local music at some of these events and let’s keep this one big awesome happy musical family.

Much love! Come say hi on Tuesday!


Some nice ink from the Ticket / Sarasota Herald Tribune for a gig I played last week with Human Condition, one of the nicest bands in town.

“‘Original Music Showcase’ featuring some of Florida’s most accomplished talent. The lineup includes beat-boxing, loop-pedaling, soul-drenching Sarasota songwriter Ben Hammond who, along with HC frontman Dean Johaneson, just rocked out the C&B last weekend as part of the Noise Ordinance 3 CD Release Party.”