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Ben Hammond: Vocals, Vocal Percussion, Guitar/Octaver, Live-Looping, Songwriting
Sandi Grecco: Drumset

April 2nd, 2013 performance of Ben’s original tune “Hipster Juliet”, featuring a mini verse from Skee-Lo’s “I Wish”. All elements of this performance are played and looped live with no pre-recorded tracks or samples.

Ben is playing a Taylor T5 through a Boss OC-3 Octaver Pedal and a Boomerang III Loop Station.


Hey everybody! Check out these sweet new videos I just made with Jimmy Scott Jr on Siesta Key, FL at his studio The Dub Shack. These were both recorded on a Canon 7d and Canon t3i, audio recorded out of a Bose T1 into a Zoom H4n. I’m using a Taylor T5, Upright Bass and Shure Beta 87a into a Boomerang III Loop Station. The guitar is also routed through a Boss OC-3 Octave Pedal, a Sparkle Drive and an Analog Delay.

The first was one of my favorite Radiohead songs that I finally learned how to play a couple months ago, “Paranoid Android”. I was really inspired by some of the awesome covers of this song that are out there, including Weezer’s note-for-note cover, the reggae version by the Easy Dub All-Stars, and specifically Thom Yorke’s solo in concert version. The song is so multi-textured and epic in it’s nature it gave me a lot of room to play with all my toys (looping my voice, heavy delay on the guitar, bowing the bass, etc). Hope you enjoy this one:

I also am super excited to introduce you to one of my newest original songs, “Hipster Juliet (You Can Tell)”. If you’ve seen me live recently you’ve probably heard this one (and hopefully shaken your badonkadonk ;)) Big thanks again to Jimmy and Becca for putting these together!

This is totally rad; my friend and fellow Effusion Alum Jason Levine just posted this on his wall. In a nutshell: he beatboxs / throatsings while a computer offstage (which I am quite sure he would have programmed using MAX/MSP/JITTER) analyzes his vocalizations and projects lights in corresponding colors and intensities. Meanwhile, the system also temporarily captures digital sketches and fragments of his silhouette and the light show on a wall sized projection screen behind him. Nice work Jason.

Aimsel Ponti just penned a great review of my recently released Live CD/DVD – “Solo at Stone Mt Arts Center” in Maine’s biggest newspaper, the Portland Press Herald. Those of you who read the paper regularly probably already know of Aimsel as a die-hard music fan and a huge supporter of the local independent scene. I was honored she was interested in reviewing my record, and now that it’s out I could not be more pleased with the results. Here are a couple quotes:

“”When I’m Supposed To” shows off his talent as a human beatbox along with his magic pedal that loops in layers of his vocals. The other instrument you’ll hear on “Live” is Hammond’s acoustic guitar, but don’t think for a second this is a standard-issue singer-songwriter deal. Hammond’s far from it, and he’s cut from soul-pop cloth, a fabric that includes rock, folk and even jazz sensibilities…”

“”Wintergreens” is an instrumental track on the “Live” CD, and it’s a stirring piece of acoustic guitar. My only criticism is that it’s too short at just more than two minutes. All was forgiven when I heard Hammond’s terrific cover of Flight of the Conchord’s “Most Beautiful Girl.””

“Hammond is a versatile musician who writes memorable originals, delivers when he decides to cover someone, and uses his guitar, voice and gadgets to create a sound that you want to keep hearing.”

To read the whole article, please visit

Purchase this album on Itunes. Download a select few mp3s for free from

Video from the DVD:

Don’t try this at home kids (making a boy-band album cover, that is)

The United States has hostels! Not many, but the few I have found thus far have been friendly, clean and a welcome respite from the sea of McDonalds and Days Inns that seem to constitute the majority of the American traveler’s experience. I stumbled onto a great place just north of Indianapolis called Indy Hostel. Just below the upbeat little village of Broad Ripple, this little place only gets cooler when you note the local art displayed on wall and the outdoor stage which hosts traveling and local singer songwriters. Weird, what I a coincidence, I just checked their schedule and I’m playing on that very stage on Thursday July 22nd at 8pm. Strange it should come up in our blogversation. Donations will be gladly accepted and put towards paying off the fuel bill from this tour!

After checking out of the hostel and leaving my Vietnamese friend “Luck”, I prepared for party mode. My videographer / roady / photographer / party coordinator flew in from Florida, and we prepared for the July 4th weekend; to be spent poolside with our newly-wed, newly-made friends in Carmel, IN. Many adult-beverages and legal-fireworks later and the weekend was over and it was time to go back to work: my appearance at Carmelfest 2010 (video will be appearing online soon!)


Playing by the Pool

I took this festival slot and the massive stage/PA as a challenge, deciding to fore-go my complicated loop pedal setup for my new toy: the BOSS OC-3 Octave Pedal. This pedal rocks; it even has a mode where it low-passes the signal and only doubles the octave on the lower notes of your guitar. This setup is perfect for my thumb/claw picking style, adding that extra low end missing in a normal single guitar setup. Q: How many bass players does it take to screw in a light-bulb? A: None, I can now do it with my thumb! (drum fill please) I had a lot of fun as did the steady stream of listeners, and schedule allowing, I will be back next year.


Falls where you can see a Moonbow

The following week saw my previously mentioned assistant (read: girlfriend) Kristen and I traveling around some of the most beautiful and/or fun places this part of the country has to offer: the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Smoky Mountains, and the Ashe- AND Nash-villes. As if to bring the week full circle, our stay in Nashvegas was topped off by another slightly more adventurous late night fireworks display set off by our host and my former kindergarten class mate. Thanks Ian for the hospitality / explosions! Next stop: New England!

PS: We also went to the chillingly well-attended Creation “Museum”. Well, we went to the parking lot and grounds, and I

12 mile hike to and past Grotto Falls, 6 of which were somewhat accidental…

sighed relief at not having yet put a Science eats Myth fish emblem on my Volvo. We walked around their nicely maintained gardens which were bizarrely laid out in sections that correspond with various epochs of evolution: sparse plant life amongst the red rocks complete with sprinklers-cum-steam fissures; water features with fish and then reptiles which led to the bird nesting grounds; and finally a petting zoo (containing mammals). We got bored shortly and left. I try not to be overly political and attempt to offend no-one on this blog, but this issue has nothing to do with politics, nor even religion. It basically boils down to either misunderstanding or complete ignorance of modern science. OK, rant over. Although I do like their idea of strengthening an unfounded fantasy by simply building a museum to it. I think I might fund the building of the “Ben was an awesome NBA player Museum” for after I die. Who’s to say I wasn’t? Anything they say against it is only a theory.