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Recorded for the most recent edition of Sarasota Day and the HuB‘s Stairwell Sessions. Featuring me on guitar, vocals and upright bass, and John Patti on percussion and steel pan. Thanks to Julie Brown, Scotty Felsenfield, and everyone else who helped put this together.

If you want to purchase the studio version of this song from my new album of the same name, you can grab it on iTunes and CDBaby.


Recap video featuring some of the tunes we played and a whole bunch of wine tasters gettin’ DOWN!

Ben Hammond on guitar, loops, octaver and vocals
James Dabone on Trombone
Dan Rubin on Drums
Video and Editing by Ashley Armitage Photography ( )

Ben Hammond: Vocals, Vocal Percussion, Guitar/Octaver, Live-Looping, Songwriting
Sandi Grecco: Drumset

April 2nd, 2013 performance of Ben’s original tune “Hipster Juliet”, featuring a mini verse from Skee-Lo’s “I Wish”. All elements of this performance are played and looped live with no pre-recorded tracks or samples.

Ben is playing a Taylor T5 through a Boss OC-3 Octaver Pedal and a Boomerang III Loop Station.

My Quick-job Contribution to the Recursive Moustache Meme

Got a Gig! (Trombone Success Kid)

Posted: November 21, 2012 in Off-Topic
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Got a Gig! (Trombone Success Kid)

My take on the classic success kid meme.

Electoral Collage!

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Off-Topic
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Electoral Collage!

Romney plus Obama FOREVER! Makes about as much sense as the electoral college, so why not an electoral collage?

Ben Hammond and Matt Gerhardt and Ben's Moustache Rockin Out!