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Excited to announce that my track “Worst Kind of Perfect” is one of the top downloaded songs on music website

I finished just a few songs below an artist named “Zan-X” performing what I can only imagine is a politically charged commentary on the Nixon administration and the resultant Watergate scandal 😉



Great news! I have been accepted as one out of 119 local Sarasota submissions to be on the second edition of the Noise Ordinance CD. Spanning everything from Folk to Jazz to Indie Art-Noise, this CD catalogs Sarasota’s burgeoning original music scene. I am honored to be chosen, and look forward to playing the festival again this year on April 23rd. From Tim Sukits article in the Herald Tribune Ticket CL: “it’s… time to celebrate the second coming of our own homegrown independent music showcase, and marvel at how far we’ve collectively evolved as an impressive, tightly knit, collaborative music community over the past year. As preparations for the unveiling of Noise 2 get underway, we hope to see all members of the area scene joining forces and working together to finally give Suncoast music the notoriety that it so deserves.” READ FULL ARTICLE

I’m very excited to share the stage and the CD with the other bands accepted this year:

Amazon Woman
Big Blu House
Brockford Lee
Bud Buckley
Cats in the Basement
Completely From Mountains
Devil Made Microphones
Dune Train

Elysian Sex Drive
Fancy Rat
John Lichtenstein
Justin Layman
Kenra Whyte
Lion Choir
Radio-Free Carmela & The Transmitters
Rational Anthem
Scone Train
Secret Science

Shoebox Monsters
Sons of Hippies
The Equines
The Florida Mountain Boys
The Hobies
The Human Condition
The Jetties
The Once and Future Kings
The Psychotropic Band
Third Society
Tim Salem
To Sleep, To Dream
Traphik 3:16
Villanova Junction

Best of the Suncoast 2010
A huge thank you to all of you friends, family members and fans out there that helped to vote me as Sarasota Creative Loafing’s “Best Local Cover Band” in their Best of the Suncoast Contest. I truly appreciate the support, and it’s an honor especially considering the high level of talent in this town. Speaking of, check out “Seven Years Past” who won “Best Local Original Band”; they played a great show last night!

And just remember, there is plenty of room to exist in between “cover” and “original” artists. If you’re reading this and you haven’t checked out my live show yet, don’t be disappointed when I don’t just rock the Jimmy Buffett and Jack Johnson all night 😉 I was really hoping for a “Best Sometimes Solo Sometimes with a Band Singer / Songwriter / Guitarist / Beatboxer / Live-Looper / Originals and Covers / Mashup Artist” category… maybe next year! Thanks again everyone!!!

Thanks to your awesome showing of support, both “Touch” and “Something New” are now featured on the upcoming edition of the soundtrack to the award-winning independent film “The Graduates”. You can purchase the soundtrack, which also includes great songs from indie musicians (such as Stevie Becks, Bryan Russo, and Micah) at the website and receive a free download of this awesome film! (You can also download “Something New” for free along with some other tunes on my website).

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– REQUEST FOR HELP: VOTE to secure my spot on the soundtrack for the award-winning film “The Graduates”
– Vote once per day!
– 20 days left to vote!

I normally hate to ask, but this is a really big opportunity! 2 of my songs have been selected from over 4,000 entries to potentially be placed on the new soundtrack for the award winning indie film “The Graduates”.
If you have a free minute (and let’s face it, you’ve made it this far…)

1. Visit and cast your vote, ONCE EVERY 24 HOURS!

2. Forward this to anyone that would enjoy independent music and film and ask them to vote as well!

3. They also have 3 spots for ‘director’s choices’, which will be based on fans comments left on “The Graduates” Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Hulu Pages. If you feel like helping out more than just voting them comment away and request my songs “Something New” and “Touch”!

4. I hate to beg, so I’ll just ask you again politely, … vote for me? please? [insert puppy dog eyes]

And remember the rules:
– Fans may vote once every 24 hours
– Voting ends Nov 1st, at 11:59pm
– Top ten songs will make the soundtrack

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