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Posted: December 13, 2011 in Off-Topic
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AHHH! tUnE-yArDs!!! This album w h o k i l l is SO good. And WTF she has played with ?uestlove and Black Thought?!?! This tune is killer, click to watch her performing “Gangsta” with the Roots live on Jimmy Fallon. She is the lead singer of Sister Suvi as well, whose drummer Nico Dann you just might recognize from my 2008 release “[Reasonably] Honest”. Is it weird that right now I’m more excited to be 2 degrees from Merrill than I am 3 degrees from the Roots?



Friend and fellow McGill / Effusion Alum Jon Day continues to simultaneously inspire and infuriate me with his boundless talent. Check out this live video and buy all of his discs, they will be some of the best music you’ve ever owned.

In updating the website for JoJoe, a Montreal-based Reggae Artist, I was having some trouble with the site displaying improperly in Internet Explorer (on Windows which I don’t have access to). It looked fine on my mac, but the band said on their PC it was all messed up after I had experienced and thought I’d fixed an uploading error. A little googling brought me to Netrenderer, a really great tool that lets you select which version of IE you want to render a site in, feed it the URL, then view an auto-generated snapshot of the site. Really helpful to test your site if you’re designing on a Mac or Linux machine.

BTW: Jojoe has released a new album, and have some big shows coming up if you’re in the Montreal area or into reggae.

Check out this sweet video from my friend and fellow Effusion A Cappella Alum Akua Carson. Not only is it a catchy tune with a cool quirky video, it also features shots of the coolest city in North America: Montreal. I miss you guys up there! Great job on the song Akua! Rumo(u)rs have it that an Akua E.P. will be out sometime next year…

Friend / Fellow A Cappella Beatbox / Computer Junky / McGill Alum Shane Saunderson is riding his bike across a good chunk of Canada to raise money and awareness for a rare form of cancer, check out the website and please consider joining me in donating!

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