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Stop SOPA – This is out of control

Posted: November 18, 2011 in Off-Topic
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As a copyright holder myself, I fully understand the need and economic necessity of reducing piracy. The bill currently before congress referred to as “SOPA” is absolutely NOT the way to accomplish this, and would in fact charge me and anyone else who has ever posted footage of themselves singing a popular song online with A FELONY. Make no mistake, this bill is not about providing money due to the artists that create. This is about greed, and a fundamental misunderstanding of how the internet and Art has evolved.

PS: If you visited my site BENHAMMONDMUSIC.COM you were greeted with a censorship pop-up, as a reminder that this bill would alter the internet in many unforeseen ways. (Screenshot below)



Excited to announce that my track “Worst Kind of Perfect” is one of the top downloaded songs on music website

I finished just a few songs below an artist named “Zan-X” performing what I can only imagine is a politically charged commentary on the Nixon administration and the resultant Watergate scandal 😉


Check out this little write up and feature from Music Tampa Bay. They are featuring “When I’m Supposed To” now, and will likely be spinning some more tracks from [Reasonably] Honest as the year progresses. Thanks Tampa!
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