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Recorded for the most recent edition of Sarasota Day and the HuB‘s Stairwell Sessions. Featuring me on guitar, vocals and upright bass, and John Patti on percussion and steel pan. Thanks to Julie Brown, Scotty Felsenfield, and everyone else who helped put this together.

If you want to purchase the studio version of this song from my new album of the same name, you can grab it on iTunes and CDBaby.


Very excited to be holding my official CD Release Concert at the amazing Stone Mountain Arts Center in Brownfield, Maine, a breathtaking venue which has hosted some of my favorite musicians in the world (Ani DiFranco, Martin Sexton, Bela Fleck, so many more!). I will be performing on Sunday, January 18th, 2015 (MLK Weekend), and will be joined by special guests Kelly Muse on Piano and Bass, Andy Robbins on Drums, and Candie Tremblay and Lindsay Brie on Vocals. You can reserve tickets and pre-show dinner on the SMAC website for 20$.

Flyer - Ben Hammond at Stone Mt Jan 18, 2014

Official Flyer

Please share this link with your friends and I hope to see you at the show!

Featured on Internet Radio

Posted: September 5, 2012 in On-Topic
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Hello music-eaters. A west-coast podcast will be featuring my tune “Let’s Get Alone” today at 3pm PST. Tune in online here: Amber Show

My good buddy Matt Gerhardt has just finished up in the studio on his debut album, and I was invited to sing and jam the nylon string on one of the tunes. Our mutual friend slash rockstar Cort Farris also joined us on Steel Pan. Check it out! I’ll post a link once his record is up on Itunes, etc.


Sarasota’s premier newspaper periodically features locale musicians in their arts publication / website “The Ticket”, and they’ve featured yours-truly this week. Journalist Dawn Scire does a bang-on job describing my sound in all its permutations and combinations, and I might just have to steal some of her phrases when describing my music in the future. Rock on for supporting live, local music!

“Nor does his music fit into any common category: one minute he’s singer-songwriter smooth, the next breaking into rap-jazzy scats, skillfully co-merging genres within songs.” Herald-Tribune – Jan, 2012

Read the whole article at

In 2010 I got to tour all over the Eastern and Midwestern US, and had my camera rolling for parts of it. I decided to finally cobble together that footage into a quick little time-lapsed music video for my summer rocker from a few years ago, “Something New”, which was recently released on my disc “[Reasonably] Honest Extended Edition”.

If you want to buy/stream this tune you can:

– Check it out on Itunes:

– Check it out on Pandora:

– Or buy the CD/MP3 on CDBaby:

Ben Hammond on WMNF 88.5FM. Photo by Kristen Rouse.

Host RJ Oreskovich invited me to drop by the studio and chat with him for an hour on his show “Center Stage”, of course bringing along the acoustic guitar and jamming out on a couple of tunes from both “[Reasonably] Honest” and my new disc “Solo at Stone Mt Arts Center”. We discuss the role of cover songs in rock music, life on the Suncoast, the writing process, winning a John Lennon Songwriting Award and more. You can tune in with Itunes, Windows Media Player or the streaming player of your choice: .m3u




RJ on WMNF 88.5FM "Center Stage". Photo by Kristen Rouse.